State Of Lux
Daryl Atkins - Director, Motion, Concept, Code.

Max2Xylo - Ella Eyre

Max2Xylo is a bespoke lighting control system I created for Ella Eyre in MaxMsp. I implemented a Keith McMillen QuNeo for hands on control for cues, chases, colours, tap tempo and delay compensation.

Using Xylobands, Max sent serial commands over radio to audience wristbands. A playlister loaded tempo information as well as a specific banks of cues and colours for each track. The tap tempo could accommodate for the musicians flexible performance and kept commands tightly in sync.

The wristbands response time was surprisingly fast but I used variable delay compensation to time correct tempo driven commands as an extra measure.

For serial reliability Max2Xylo was running on Windows 10 with a 15 inch Macbook Pro (via bootcamp).